I have always been a poet. I was published at the age of eight in the UK with 'A Poem About A Quarry Pond'.

A Poem About A Quarry Pond

Soundless, mysterious pond
Surrounded by bushes and trees and a deserted quarry
Bitter bog and marsh
And a graveyard of trees
Are also within your fold

Pond, please tell me the secrets that lurk
Beneath your surface bed
And that will be with you
When your seeds are dead

I was then internationally published as an adolescent. I was invited to Washington DC to read my poetry. In chronological order, these are the poems which I have had internationally published.

Time's Eye

In my snail-trail scaling of the mountain peak
I wait with baited breath for air
I have reached no great height
Yet still, the clocks shakey hands hold thei steady stare

Above the cover of the fuel-scarred sky, Time's Eye sheds its flames in vain
Circling with the direction which so often eludes me
Carving day from night
With the dedication which plagues me;
These traits twin-born with each waking day

Twenty-four hours lay waiting in palm
With expectation to burden young shoulders
The questions in my mind
tick-tocking with time
The answers I seek from their owner

So break your vice-like vow of silence
And cast the clouds aside
Circle close beside me
that i may meet your line of eye
Draw one soft and steady breath
And quietly, carefully
Unfold future's kept secrets:
What does Time's Eye see for me?

I recorded In Soul as a song. See below.

In Soul

In mind you'll find the stepping stones
Which bind your thoughts to flame
Change the leaps and bounds you roam
They'll find you once again

In moment you may find the smile
Which later brings a tear
Turn your gaze to where you will
Love's loss is always near

In heart you'll find the pulse of life
Which leads you to your death
Betrays you when you need it most
And shuns your final breath

but in soul there's hope at last
With no more locks and keys
A soul is but life's anchor cast
A haven in rough seas