Emily ScialomThe Religion of Self-Enlightenment is available on Amazon and at Waterstones. It is now available in its first general public library, the Barbican Library, London. It was in the Cambridge Oxfam Book Shop and the Angel Book Shop in Cambridge, and I appeared on television in Cambridge.

I was interviewed for Mill Road Television and Cambridge 105fm twice. In my previous city of residence, Liverpool, the station Radio City broadcast an interview about my novel and its author.

I have featured in the Cambridge News, which I have previously worked for. I've received brilliantly awesome fan messages all the way from America, Berlin, Australia and Colchester! Thanks, everyone!

The Religion of Self-Enlightenment's available around the world and has now sold in four or more continents, which is awesome! I hope you will check out my novels and my promotional attempts on tv, radio and in the newspaper.

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